Why Teach with ClassCube?

Are you on the fence about using ClassCube in your classroom? Let us give you a few reasons why ClassCube might be the tool you’re looking for.

Automatic Grading

If you’re like most computer science teachers you’ve found that there’s no way to fully grade every student’s submission for every single assignment. While that means that some grades might slip through, the bigger issue is that students aren’t always getting the feedback they need.

With ClassCube your students will be able to test their code automatically and their code will be compiled and run against either test cases or unit tests. Within seconds they’ll know whether their code correctly solves the problem.

And you’ll know to. When your students have their accounts set to share with you you’ll be able to see how they did on each assignment.

Nothing to Install

Is your lab locked down, making it difficult to install software? Do your students struggle with the idea of installing IDEs, JDKs, or interpreters on their home computers?

With ClassCube all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Code compiles and runs on our servers.

Use it Anywhere

And since there’s nothing to install you can use ClassCube almost anywhere.

Are your students using ChromeBooks instead of standard computers where installing an IDE and compiler is not possible? No a problem.

Are you moving to a different lab for a few days because of end of year testing? No problem.

View Progression

Usually when you view a student’s assignment you’ll only see the final result; the file that they turn in to you. This hopefully represents their best work on the assignment.

But what if you want to view all of their submissions rather than just their last one? What if you want to see your student’s process rather than just the result?

With ClassCube you can.

You’ll have access to every submission from your student whether it was correct or not, or even whether it compiled or not. You can see them all.

View every submission from a student.

Discuss the Code

You’ll also be able to discuss submissions with your students by leaving comments on specific submissions. And they’ll be able to leave comments back to you.

Example Feedback from Teacher
Discussion between you and a student

Works with Your Tools

Are you already using an online tool like Canvas or Moodle? ClassCube works with any online tool that supports the LTI standards (most do).

With ClassCube and your LMS tool you’ll be able to create assignments that embed problems from ClassCube. Your students will have the same editor interface and be able to test their code until their happy with the results. And best of all grades will be sent automatically from ClassCube back to your gradebook in your LMS tool.

And you’ll still have the ability to view all of their submissions from within your LMS.

Use Our Problems

As a teacher you’ll have access to our always growing problem library to use with your students. Simply login, create an assignment, and send your students the link.

Or, Create Your Own

If you’ve got a set of problems that you already use with your students you can move them into ClassCube for your students.

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