Tweets on the 2017 AP CompSci Exam

If you’re not following @AP_Trevor on Twitter, you really should be. He’s the senior VP on AP and instruction at the College Board and tweets out some really great stuff about AP exams.

Right now he’s tweeting out information about exam results as they’re coming in. We’re going to look at a few of the CompSci ones since that’s what we’re about here.

This one is the most impressive to me. Last year almost 60,000 students took the CompSci AP-A exam. Looks like they broke the 60,000 barrier this year. And the most common score was a 5. That’s amazing.

And here are the score ranges. Like normal there are few 2s and the others are spread out. But almost 25% made a 5, and that’s really impressive.

Wow! On the other exams there’s maybe 5 or 10 students getting perfect scores, and some of those are out of 200,000 tests. 105 out of 61,000 doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is.

Looks like the time spent on class design, interfaces, and abstract classes paid off for a lot of students. MultPractice had really high scores.

This question was weird, and I could see it being tough. Although I’d bet quite a few of those zeroes were due to not understanding what the question was asking.