ClassCube Embed Moodle Filter

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Moodle filter plugin that allows you to embed a non-graded ClassCube problem into any page on your site.

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Using ClassCube and Moodle together, you’re able to create external assignments where your students can complete code assignments online and have their grades sent back to Moodle. You can even go and look at their code and watch their process as they worked through their solution.

But sometimes you may not need it to be graded. Sometimes you may just want to put a problem online inside some type of reference.

With this plugin you’ll be able to embed a ClassCube problem into a Moodle page, book, lesson, forum post, or any content page. You could even put it on the course overview page as part of a label. Basically anywhere that Moodle will apply a filter can have a problem embedded.

The main difference between this plugin and using ClassCube as an external tool is grades. Since there’s no assignment connected to the embedded problem through this plugin, there’s no grade. If you need a grade, use the external tool activity. If you want to demo, use this.

That said, you’ll still have access to all of your students’ submissions so you can see what they did. If you choose to assign a grade for that, you can. It’s just not automatic.