does wordpress LTI plugin work for

Rohan Yoon asked 2 years ago

I have been looking for ways to integrate wordress with google assigments and got to know that I need LTI setup on WP and found your code in github

I have a couple of question as below. hopefully you can share your thought

  1. does wordpress LTI plugin work for
  2. if not, r u able to help modify the codes accordingly?
  3. I am new to all these, anyone else do you know that can help me with this?

Thankyou so much!

1 Answers

Ryan Staff answered 2 years ago

Apoligies. Your question slipped through our notifications.

Last time I looked Google Classroom didn’t support LTI providers. I didn’t know that they’d added support, so I’ll need to look a bit and see if it would work.

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