Can I attach files?

Violet asked 3 years ago

Is is there a way to use a file instead of writing out instructions for a problem? I usually hand out Word documents to students and have been copying and pasting into ClassCube. Hoping there’s a better way.

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Ryan Staff answered 3 years ago

Short answer, yes. Longer answer, yes, and it’s going to get better. But it does need to be a PDF. Word documents won’t work.

Right now you can start with an empty set of instructions and drag a PDF file into the editor. It’ll upload and create a link. When you view the problem and all that’s in the instructions is a link to a PDF that PDF is displayed. If there’s other text in the instructions it’ll still embed the PDF, but it won’t fill the instructions.

We’re working on an update which should be available in the next couple of weeks where you’ll be able to upload a file directly and have that file used as instructions. Still just PDFs for now, although we’re open to additional formats if there are users looking for other formats.

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