Free Response Solutions

We’re working on getting working solutions to all of the AP Computer Science FRQs online. We’ll be working backwords starting with the 2017 exam back through 2004, the first year that the AP exam was given in Java. But it does take some time. We’ll be putting new solutions online as we get them ready. Thanks for your patience.


Digits Process an integer, filling an ArrayList with the individual digits.
MultPractice Implement an interface.
Phrase Analyze and modify a String.
Successors Iterate through a primitive matrix and fill an object matrix with objects and an arbitrary class.
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RandomStringChooser Build a pseudo iterator that pulls a random string out of an array.
LogMessage Parse a string into two parts, separated by a colon.
Crossword Determine which empty cells in a crossword puzzle need to be labeled.
StringFormatter Pad a string to a specified length by inserting spaces in between each word.
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