Invite students to share

As a teacher using ClassCube you’re going to want your students to be able to view the assignments you create and you’ll need to be able to view their submissions. You do this by sharing.

One note. If you’re using ClassCube through an LMS program like Moodle or Canvas you may not need to do this. When you view problems in your LMS, ClassCube will already let you view student submissions even if they’re not explicitly sharing with you.

The first step is to login to ClassCube and click on the Connections tab.

Connections Tab

When you get there you’ll see a list of all the students that are currently sharing with you. I’d guess right now it’s probably empty unless a student has already requested to share with you.

Look at the bottom of the page. There’s a field where you can enter the email address of your student. Go ahead and do that and click on the green Invite Student button.Add Student Invite Form

After you click the button ClassCube will send an invitation to that student requesting that they share with you. You won’t be able to view their submissions, and they won’t be able to view assignments you create, without both of you agreeing.

You should see the same page as before, but with the student added.

Student Invited to Share

Notice that the email address is now in your list, but it shows up as pending. That means that they haven’t opted in to share with you. You also have a cancel button if you decide that you’d rather not share with this email address.

In this case the email address entered doesn’t show the first and last name. This is because the email address entered doesn’t belong to an existing user. Compare that to the next screen shot where an existing user was invited.

Existing User Invited

How they’re invited depends on a few things.

  • If they’re already a ClassCube user they’ll be sent an email asking to opt in to the share.
  • If they’re not already a ClassCube user they’ll be sent an email with a link to create a new account and opt in to the share.
  • If you’ve already requested sharing with this email address ClassCube will update the invitation to expire in a week and send a reminder email.
  • If the user you’re requesting already has an account, but is a teacher you won’t be able to share with them on this tab. You’d use the Teacher tab on the Connections page for that.

When you create an invitation it is valid for 1 week. If, after that week is up your invitation hasn’t been accepted you can send another request.