Creating a Teacher Account


When you first create an account on ClassCube you’re setup as a student. While this gives you access to a set of practice problems, if you’re teaching with ClassCube you’re probably going to want more. To do that, you’re going to need to switch your account from a student account to a teacher account.


Let’s start with what benefits a teacher account gives you as a teacher.

Students’ Submissions

We’ll start with the big one. As a teacher your students will be able to share with you. They’ll get access to problems and assignments that you create. And you’ll get access to their submissions. You can easily see how they’re doing on problems and how their code looks.

You’ll also be able to leave comments on their submissions. They’ll be able to reply. It’s a great way to discuss their solutions without it taking up class time.

More Problems

Every user gets access to a free set of practice problems. But that’s probably not enough if you’re using ClassCube in the classroom. Signing up as a teacher will give you access to many more problems that you can use to create assignments for your students.

Plus, they’ll be problems that your students will not have direct access to. They’ll only have access if you create assignments for them.

Make Your Own

You’ve probably already got labs that you’re using with your students. If so, it’s pretty easy to load those into ClassCube and have your students work automatically graded as it’s submitted.

So, let’s go ahead and get you setup.

Changing your account

First step is to login to ClassCube and go to your settings. You should see a link on the bottom left of the screen with your Gravatar and name. Click on that.


On the page that comes up, click on the Options tab.

Options Tab
Options Tab

Notice that next to user type it says Student. It should also be a link. Click the link.

If student is plain black text – not a link – it probably means that you’re currently sharing with another teacher as their student. You’ll need to unshare to be able to convert your account.

Teacher Info Page

Information on converting an account

The first page you’ll see is a bit of a repeat of the text at the top of this article.

The most important part of this page is that this process is not reversible. Once your account is flagged as a teacher, you won’t be able to change back to a student account. I assume this won’t be an issue since you are a teacher and wanting to ClassCube with your students. But it is something to think about.

When you’re ready to go on, click Next.

Setting up an account

The last step – really the only step – is to associate your user account with a billing account. The base problems in ClassCube are free for anyone to use. They won’t cost you anything even if you use them as assignments for your students. For other problems you’ll need credits for your students to run their submissions. Each billing account gets 1,000 free submission credits a month automatically. Past that you’ll need to purchase packages of credits. Each credit is a fraction of a cent, and that fraction gets smaller depending on how many credits you purchase at a time.

There is no cost to switch your account from a student to a teacher. The only costs are when you purchase credits and you can try out ClassCube as a teacher without purchasing any credits. For some schools the 1,000 free monthly credits may be more than enough.

New Account

If you’re the first or only teacher at your school using ClassCube you’ll probably need to setup a new account.

Form to create a new billing account
Form to create a new account

ClassCube will fill in the name and email for you, although you’re free to change that if needed. For example, if billing information needs to go to someone else at your school or district. The email address on this form is where we’ll send notices when your billing account gets low and might need to be refilled.

You’ll need to fill out every field except for fax number.

Then, click Create Account and you should be taken back to your options page where you started. Except this time instead of your account showing Student it will show Teacher.

Joining an Account

If more than one teacher in your school or district is using ClassCube you’ll probably want to share an account. That way you can purchase larger blocks of credits which drives the price per credit down. It also lets ¬†you share problems that you or your colleagues create.

To join rather than create an account change the dropdown next to Account Type from New Account to Existing Account.

Form to join an existing account
Form to join an existing account

Once you’ve changed the form there’s only one field to fill out. Each account has a unique account code associated with it. It’s something that any teacher that’s already part of the account should be able to tell you. Enter that code and press Join Account and you’ll be tied into the existing account.

And like creating an existing account above, you’ll be sent back to your options page where you should now be listed as a teacher.

Account Tab

As a teacher you’ll have an additional tab on your options pages that will show information about your account.

Account Tab
Account Tab

Here’s where you’ll see all of the information about the account you’re a part of. Each account has a primary teacher, which is typically the person that setup the account for the first time. If that’s you then you’ll be able to edit the information here. If that’s not you you’ll see a page similar to the above screen shot, except with your account information.

If you want to invite more teachers to your account the Access Code field – quite3008chord in the example above – is the code they’ll need.

There’s also a small status box on the right side that shows how many free credits you have remaining this month and how many purchased credits you have remaining along with a link to purchase more if needed.