Embed Filter


Using ClassCube and Moodle together, you’re able to create external assignments where your students can complete assignments online and have their grades sent back to Moodle. You can even go and look at their code and watch the process as they worked through their solution.

But sometimes you may not need it to be graded. Sometimes you may just want to put a problem online inside some type of reference.

With this plugin you’ll be able to embed a ClassCube problem into a Moodle, page, book, lesson, forum post, or any content page. You could even put it on the course overview page as part of a label. Basically anywhere that Moodle will apply a filter can have a problem embedded.

The main difference between this plugin and using ClassCube as an external tool is grades. Since there’s not assignment connected to the embedded problem through this plugin, there’s no grade. If you need a grade, use the external tool activity. If you want to demo, use this.

That said, you’ll still have access to all of your students’ submissions so you can see what they did.


Rather than copy and paste here, take a look at the Moodle Documentation on how to install a plugin. What you’re looking for is how to install a plugin from a zip file.


Moodle Setup

After uploading the plugin, you’ll typically have to tell Moodle that you want the filter active.

To activate, go to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Filters -> Manage Filters. You should see a screen similar to the following.


The ClassCube Embed filter will probably not be towards the top, and probably won’t be acgtive. You can set it to either On or Off, But Available. If it’s On, the filter will be active on all pages site wide. If it’s Off, But Available teachers will be able to use it in their courses but must enable it individually.

Filter Settings

Also under Site Administration -> Plugins -> Filters you should find a ClassCube Embed link that will take you to the settings for this plugin.


Setting Notes
Allow Full Screen If enabled, the filter will add an allowfullscreen attribute to the iframes that are created. In most browsers this will allow you and your students to toggle the problem to use the entire window instead of just the frame. Not all browsers support this though.
Hide Link Button Normally, the problem menu has a link back to ClassCube. If you’d prefer that it not, check this box.
iframe CSS classes If you have custom CSS in your theme and would like to target the iframe created by this plugin, you can add CSS classes here. The default classcube-frame does not have any styling associated with it. In fact, the plugin doesn’t load any CSS.
iframe CSS styles The easier way to style, especially if you can’t edit your theme CSS, is to customize the CSS styles that are applied to the frame. By default it’s set to fill the entire width and be 300 pixels tall.
User Information Moodle has to send ClassCube enough information to uniquely identify the user. It can optionally send the user’s name and email address, and we suggest that you let it do so. Otherwise ClassCube will create a user with a random name and email address which makes it very difficult for your teachers to correlate submissions with their students.
Client Key / Secret These are the keys that Moodle and ClassCube use to communicate securely and are created in your account on ClassCube. If you’re already using ClassCube as an external tool, yo ucan probably leave both fields empty. The plugin will look in course and global settings for a key if theses fields are blank.

Using the Plugin

Now comes the easy part… all you have to do is paste the link to a ClassCube assignment problem into any Moodle content page.

It’s optional to create an assignment in ClassCube, although it’s typically better to do so. Once you’ve got an assignment, copy the link. It’s over on the right side where you view the information on the assignment.


Now go to where ever you want to embed the problem. In this case I’m going to use a forum post, but it should work where ever you have the filter active.


Save the post, and there you go. A ClassCube problem embedded into a forum post.



If you only see the link that you pasted in, it’s most likely because the filter isn’t active on that particular page.

If you do see the frame, but you see some type of message, there should be an explanation of the problem. Most common cause here would be an invalid key.