How to create a domain key

If you’re planning on using ClassCube with a learning management system like Canvas or Moodle you’ll need to create a set of keys so that ClassCube and your LMS can communicate securely.

User name link
User name link

Don’t worry, it’s easy.

The first step is to login and then click on your name down on the bottom left corner of the ClassCube site.

Once you click on your name you should see your settings page. The tab you want to click on is Keys.

Empty OAuth Keys List
Empty keys list


Click on the green Add Key button. You should see the following screen, although the fields will be empty.

Create OAuth Key Screen

When you first come to this screen the Key Type may be User and the Domain field might not be there. If you change Key Type to Domain the domain field will appear.

We do need to talk a bit about the settings here.

  • Description – Can be anything you want. It’s something only you will see.
  • Key Type – Either Domain or User. More on that in a bit.
  • Domain – This is the domain that your students will be coming from. If your Moodle site is, enter that here.

You’re probably going to want to use the Domain key option rather than user.

Click save and you’re done. You should be bounced back to the key list page.

Keys List Page
Keys List Page

You should see your key in the list. The User Key and Shared Secret are codes that you’ll need to enter into your LMS so that it and ClassCube can communicate.


Are you more the video type. Well, you’re in luck.