What’s it Look Like?

Let’s start off with probably the most important page… what does ClassCube look like?

Take a look at the following video. We’ll talk a little more after.

What did we just see?

What you see in the video is the editor that you, or your students, will see when you work on a coding problem in ClassCube. The right panel is the instructions for the problem and the left panel is your editor.

This particular problem is asking that you return the sum of two int parameters. Pretty typical for an early lab assignment for new programmers.

The first submission is incorrect. It only solves 1 out of the 4 tests. It just so happens that this problem has a test case where both a and b are 0, so returning 0 passes that test.

Same with the second test.

The third submission is correct.

Past Submissions

The last few seconds of the video show the Previous Submissions menu where you can see any previous submissions for this problem and the results. Really important while you’re learning.