Blocking browser refresh

Has one of your students accidentally pressed the F5 key while they’re working on code in ClassCube? I’d bet that it’s happened in your classroom even if you didn’t hear about it. When they press F5, or Control R, it typically triggers a browser refresh. When your student is working on their code this causes […]

ClassCube in Moodle Demo

Are you curious about what ClassCube looks like inside Moodle? We’ve got you covered. If you click over to Moodle.ClassCube.com you can see how well ClassCube and Moodle work together. On the demo site you’ll be able to create an account and enroll in an example course. In that course you’ll find several examples of […]

Download Student Submissions

Just in time for the spring semester we’ve pushed out a new feature that will allow you to download student submissions from programming problems. You’ve always been able to view your students’ submissions when you embed a ClassCube problem into an LTI consumer like Canvas or Moodle. Now with a couple of clicks you’ll be […]

Welcome to ClassCube

Hi. Welcome to ClassCube. We’re working on getting everything up and running, but aren’t quite there yet. When we go live you’ll be able to create an account and practice programming. Feel free to look around or ask questions in the forum. There’s just not much here yet. But since you’re here, here’s a video […]