Attaching PDFs to problems

New feature for the new school year.

Now, if you already have a lab assignment typed out as a PDF you can attach that PDF to a problem in ClassCube instead of retyping the instructions.

One the rich text editor you should now find a PDF icon. It’s the third icon from the right in the screenshot below, hightlighted in blue.

Quill Toolbar

Clicking that icon will bring up a dialog where you can select a PDF from your computer.

Once saved the PDF will show up in the problem instructions as a resizable frame.

PDF embedded in problem

And if needed, your students can download the PDF by clicking on the link above the embed.


Are you a video person? Here’s a demo for you.


Is this not working like it should for you? Please get in touch and let us know.

Is there something that ClassCube doesn’t do that you wish it would? Let us know that too. We’re always looking for ways to improve this tool and make your job teaching easier.

Why ClassCube?

Are you spending too much time grading your students' source code?

ClassCube is an online tool for Computer Science teachers that allows you to create lab assignments for your students. They'll submit their code online and ClassCube will automatically grade it for you.

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