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Let’s move your coding online

For Students

More Practice

Like anything, the more you practice something the better you get. Want to get better at free throws? Take more free throws. Want to get better at writing code? Write more code.

Check your work

No more wondering if your code is right. A quick click on a button and your code is run against a set of test cases to see if your solution works.

Practice Anywhere

You can get to ClassCube anywhere you can use a web browser. Nothing to install. Just head to our site and get going.

For Teachers

Help Your Students

Inside ClassCube you’ll be able to setup sharing with your students. Once that’s done you’ll be able to see how they’re doing. What problems they’ve solved. What their code looks like. You’ll even be able to leave comments on their submissions if you want to give suggestions.

Nothing to Install

With ClassCube, there’s nothing to install. If you’ve got internet access and a web browser in your lab, you’re all set.

That means there’s also nothing for your students to install. They can work on their assignments from home without having to worry about installing IDEs, compilers, or interpreters.

Works with your tools

Are you already using an online tool like Moodle or Canvas? Perfect! ClassCube is an LTI provider. Moodle calls it an external tool. In Canvas, it’s called an app. Whatever you call it, if you create an assignment in your existing online tool ClassCube will send back grades as your students submit their solutions.

More Info?

Ready to Sign Up?

Great! Head over to the login page to create your account and get started.

Need a Demo?

We’ve got you covered. We have a demonstration Moodle site setup with ClassCube problems so you can kick the tires and see what ClassCube can do.


To see how you can use ClassCube, take a look at our documentation.

Still have questions?

Head on over to our support forums or use the contact form on this page and ask away.

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